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What is home health care?

Home health care provides medical treatment for an illness or injury, with the goal of helping you recover, regain your independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible.  More than just providing excellent care in your home, home health care also saves billions of dollars each year.  There is a no more cost-effective provider of health care in our country. 

Angel's Choice Home Health offers health care services such as skilled nursing, home health aides, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.  We can also offer specialized chronic care programs that focus on actively involving you in your health care process, addressing conditions including:

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • pain management
  • wound care
  • infusion therapy
  • oncology
  • chronic kidney disease
  • psychiatric services

What can I expect on the first home health care visit?

On the first visit, a nurse or therapist will conduct an initial evaluation.  At Angel's Choice Home Health, this thorough interview and evaluation is part of our coordinated approach to managing your overall health status.  Our evaluation focuses on educating you in self-care management and partners with your doctor to promote disease prevention and proactive care-which includes the family or caregivers.

This team approach facilitates an easier transition for you from a hospital or nursing facility to your home and actively engages you and your caregivers in your health care.

How often will my home health care visits be?

The frequency of home health care visits and the services provided are based on your doctor's orders in your personal plan of care.  Your doctor may change your plan of care, increasing or decreasing the number of visits or services provided, in order to provide you with the best home health care for your needs.

Who is eligible for home health care?

There are several requirements for receiving home health care. 

  • You must have a doctor prescribe home health care.
  • You must need either skilled nursing care on an intermittent basis or therapy services (i.e. physical/occupational/speech therapy).
  • You must be restricted in your ability to leave home ("homebound"), and your homebound status must be certified by a physician.  This means that you require the help or supervision of another person, or you use a supportive device such as a  cane or walker.  You can leave the home as often as you need for medical treatment.  You are allowed brief and infrequent absences from the home for some non-medical reasons, such as an occasional trip to the barber/beauty shop or a walk around the block.

More detailed information about eligibility is available in The Center for Medicare and Medicare Services Guide, "Medicare and Home Health Care."


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